Supporting Nurturing Strategies Alongside the Child & Family

Bespoke Practitioners are pleased to offer this training to professionals working directly with Early Years and Foundation Stage children. Organisations have a shared responsibility to Safeguard, which requires an ability to assess and support children who may be vulnerable and have varying levels of Special Educational Need. With thresholds for accessing support being harder to access, and children’s needs being better known, there is increasing need for Early Years Providers to be able to assess and support children & families.

This course aims to deepen your understanding and application of a pastoral role and offer guidance and the ability to reflect by:

  1. Developing your pastoral skills, to better assess the needs of the child (and family).
  2. Enhancing your communication skills when working with children and young people on an emotional and supportive level.
  3. Exploring direct work approaches that can be delivered in your setting – including therapeutic assessment/support skills and Sensory Regulation.
  4. To provide you with theoretical knowledge and understanding of approaches that are practical and ready for application in your setting, giving you increased confidence when directly supporting a child.

Target Audience
Nurseries, Child-Minders and Early Years Foundation Stage

Course Delivery
This course is being delivered at the Bespoke Practitioners therapy venue in Walton-on-the-Naze, North Essex.

Dates & Time
This is a 2-day course.
Day 1 → Saturday 25th February 2017 9.30am-3pm
Day 2 → Saturday 25th March 2017 9.30am-3pm

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£125 per person
total for both sessions*.
*Refreshments for tea-breaks are included. Please note: On full day training, please bring your own lunch or there are shops in walking distance.