For you (Adults)

At Bespoke Practitioners, we offer face to face Therapeutic Sessions with BACP (British Association Counselling Psychotherapists) registered and HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) Practitioners.

  • Direct referrals, school & organisational, employer
  • An initial assessment session will identify the approach that is centred to your personal requirement.
  • Sessions take place at the Bespoke Practitioners Therapy Venue in North Essex.
  • Therapeutic sessions support a deeper understanding of self, especially when life can feel overwhelming. Our counselling sessions provide a confidential space in which feelings can be clarified and insights gained.
  • Anxiety, depression, self-esteem, bereavement, grief, relationships, addiction, motivation, eating disorders, academic challenges, social isolation, coaching, trauma.

For couples

We offer a safe, confidential and empathic service to facilitate couples to explore and progress in their relationship; to include all ages, race, beliefs, gender identity or sexual orientation. We aim to help couples manage their relationship difficulties, gaining a deeper understanding of their relationship needs. Leading to more effective communication and personal growth.