Walk and Talk Therapy

We are so busy in our lives with family, work, money and many different issues that through walk and talk we can step out into nature and something changes within us.  Even though our story might be difficult or painful there is a positivity with being outside that can allow us to connect with that […]

The benefits of the arts, play and creativity in children’s development

It is said that the human brain consists of 2 parts, the left and the right hemisphere.  The left brain is used in logical thinking and analytical processes. The right brain is used in emotional perception, intuition and creativity.  It is the right brain that is mainly used when a person is involved in creative […]

Learning to Wait: Teaching Children Patience

 One of the most valuable lessons in life We spend a lot of our lives waiting: Waiting in the school line, waiting in a doctor’s surgery, waiting for dinnertime, bedtime, the kettle to boil………. However, waiting is not a skill that comes naturally, it is a skill that is learnt through developing patience.  We live […]

Sensory Concerns and the Fight/Flight Response

Sensory processing disorders are becoming more commonly understood within the field of education and more familiar to parents.  Children with sensory issues can become overloaded with sensory stimulation or the need for sensory input. Examples of overload range from the clothing labels that can drive children with sensory issues mad, the child shying away from […]