Christmas for Blended Families

Organising Christmas is big task for all families and for those of us managing blended families (one in three) we have extra dimensions that need to considered when trying to make it a positive time for our children. Consider some of the following suggestions; Come together as a family and decide what you would all […]

Grumpy children as the school term is ending?

Only a couple of weeks until the school holiday, and lots of households have spoken of tired and grumpy children. When your child walks through the door, exhausted from the day at school, the first thing they may demand is “I’m hungry”, or as the kids bump into each other, an instant fight breaks out. […]

The best way to raise a concern with a parent or a teacher

So, a common problem for parents is that they struggle to have an effective conversation with a teacher; and a common problem for teachers is the struggle to have an effective conversation with a parent. As a Qualified Teacher and a Qualified Family Social Worker, as well as being a parent to 4 children, I […]