Learning to Wait: Teaching Children Patience

 One of the most valuable lessons in life We spend a lot of our lives waiting: Waiting in the school line, waiting in a doctor’s surgery, waiting for dinnertime, bedtime, the kettle to boil………. However, waiting is not a skill that comes naturally, it is a skill that is learnt through developing patience.  We live […]

The best way to raise a concern with a parent or a teacher

So, a common problem for parents is that they struggle to have an effective conversation with a teacher; and a common problem for teachers is the struggle to have an effective conversation with a parent. As a Qualified Teacher and a Qualified Family Social Worker, as well as being a parent to 4 children, I […]

Sensory Concerns and the Fight/Flight Response

Sensory processing disorders are becoming more commonly understood within the field of education and more familiar to parents.  Children with sensory issues can become overloaded with sensory stimulation or the need for sensory input. Examples of overload range from the clothing labels that can drive children with sensory issues mad, the child shying away from […]